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Joy and Vitality

The reunion of body and soul 

The value of conscious touch in our journey towards wholeness is inestimable. To be touched by another with presence, sensitivity, respect and love is to be touched to the core of our being. When we add intuition, intention and dialogue, we naturally access deep states of wellbeing and surrender simply happens.

In this approach we will use security and connection for opening the heart, vitalising the body and reconnecting with trust and spontaneity.
You will explore conscious relating, physical and psycho-spiritual intimacy, and how to apply intentional awareness for healing and self reunification.

Some time will be devoted to activating the kundalini (shakti/life-force energy) using deep tissue touch to specific body zones. There will also be special attention paid to regeneration of the genital area.

• Alignment to Source

• Prolonging intentional awareness

• Dissolving holding patterns

• Assisting emotional release

• Kundalini activation

"Once we understand that infinite love and benevolence are the governing forces for blossoming into wholeness in this world, we have understood how to rightly hold another human soul in the mystery and delicacy of their journey of becoming."

Judee Gee 

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