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Awaken to your true nature with Judee Gee

Conscious breathing

The joy of surrender

In this approach, presence, conscious breathing and unconditional love are our primary tools for accessing our true nature.
You will experiment with a variety of breath-based approaches (mindfulness training, rebirthing, holotropic, integrative breathwork, tantra, neo-shamanic…) while always respecting the rhythm, needs and inner wisdom of each person.

These tools and the multitude of contexts to which they can be applied will serve as a source of inspiration as well as our departure point for a deep dive into the multi-dimensional realms of the human psyche.

• Awakening the inner healer

• Breath as a catalyst for surrender

• Trusting your instinct and intuition

• Savouring your existential joy

• Connecting with divine love

“Breathwork is a sacred science; a science because there is a method to it and sacred because it delivers us – time and time again – to the ever-present essence of ourselves that is the fundamental ground of being in which we find true solace”. 

Judee Gee

Conscious breathing is the practice of breathing with awareness, intention and attention to inner experience.

Benefits of conscious breathing:​

• Strengthens the immune system

• Normalizes heart rate and rhythm

• Raises endorphin levels

• Clears and focuses the mind

Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious breathing techniques for enhanced health and well being.

Benefits of Breathwork:

• Deepens awareness of the body-mind connection

• Increases self-awareness and self-esteem

• Assists recovery from trauma and PTSD

• Restores inner peace and enthusiasm for life

• Fosters awareness of inter-connectedness of all things

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