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Awaken to your true nature with Judee Gee

Liberating intuition

The joy of insight

Intuition is innate. It’s primary role is to help us perceive what is. Our intuition gives clarity, perspective and depth to our perceptions and helps us to understand the true sense of things. It’s guidance is invaluable for helping us to move forward in life with trust, creativity and confidence.

When you liberate your intuition you:

• Gain trust and confidence in yourself
• Discover the joy of intimacy with all things

• Deepen contact with your inner wisdom
• Liberate your innate healing capacities
• Become the master conductor of your life

The Dakina method offers the instruction booklet par excellence for liberating your intuition.


You will gain trust in your intuition through a progressive training applied to your daily life as well as to the discovery of your true joyful nature.

Using this approach, you will transform the mystery of your intuition into an accessible and tangible ally for your personal realization.

"Judee’s presence opened a space in which I could remember my Self, my Calling, my Truth, my Essence with love, deep compassion and fullness.  It was a coming home to my centre, from which I can now launch myself out into the unknown with joy and delicious excitement." D.Y.

Excerpts about Intuition, by Judee Gee:

"Of all the internal resources to cultivate, the intuition reigns supreme by far.

Once aligned with intuition, the world reveals itself, expresses itself, offers itself… 

We become aware of exactly how much we belong to this world that surround us,

and we are present, listening, at one with it all…"

"Intuitive we are and we cannot be another way. It is our birthright, our inheritance.

It is part of our depth, of our fragility... and it is also the expression of our ultimate strength and beauty.

To refuse our intuition is to refuse ourselves. By giving a place to our intuition,

we give a place to joy, to love, and to wisdom." 

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